perjantai 26. heinäkuuta 2019

Two defensive slips in one board

In Spingold knock-out we were down 55 IMPs before the last 15 boards. In the last segment the boards were quite boring, so in the end my concentration was not the best anymore, knowing that even a miracle is not enough to win the match. Six boards to go and another partscore came up.

Two hearts was weak and three spades was natural and inviting. Vesa started with the King of clubs and David Gold won the trick with the Ace. He continued with the three of diamonds to seven, Jack and I won the trick with the Ace. Gold ruffed my club return and played the King and the Queen of diamonds, Vesa showing an even number and dummy discarding a club. You can see the position in the bridge movie below. What is your plan?

At the table I didn’t spend too much time with ruffing and returning the ten of spades. Gold played the Queen, Vesa won with the Ace and continued with spades and I won with the King. What next?

Clubs, what else. The whole deal:

Did declarer make his contract?

Yes. Gold finished his trumps and in the end Vesa was squeezed in the red suits. What were my to mistakes?

If I return the King of Spades instead the ten, Vesa will win the second round of trumps and he can cash his diamond ten as a setting trick. I still had a second chance. If I would have played back a heart after the King of spades, the entry for the squeeze is gone and the contract fails. Declarer also made a mistake. He should play only one high diamond from his hand and then ruff a small diamond. After that the contract is unbeatable.

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